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Los secretos de Granada

This Spring, discover the beauty of Granada!

If you are planning to visit Granada, there is no better place to stay than the Hotel Seda Club. This luxury hotel is located in the heart of the historical center of the city, in the Plaza de la Trinidad, surrounded by history and culture. From here, you will be able to discover the secrets and hidden treasures of Granada, and experience the authentic life of the city. Granada is a city full of history and culture, with monuments and landscapes that make it unique in the world. But, did you know that there are many curiosities about Granada that you probably did not know? Here are a few:  

  • The name of the city comes from the Latin “Illiberis”, which means “free city”. However, it is also believed that the name may have an Arabic origin, meaning “red hill”.

  • Granada was the last city to be reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492. In that same year, Christopher Columbus set out from Puerto de Santa María, in Cádiz, on his first trip to America.

  • The famous Alhambra in Granada was built during the Nasrid dynasty, in the 13th century. During the following centuries, it was used as a royal palace, fortress and jail.

  • The city of Granada is famous for its free tapas. Every time you order a drink at a bar or restaurant, they serve you a small tapa of food for free.

  • The Albaicín neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in Granada and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In it you will find cobbled streets, white houses with flowers on the balconies and impressive views of the Alhambra.

  • The Sacromonte neighborhood is famous for its caves, where gypsies used to live. Nowadays, many of those caves have been converted into bars and restaurants where you can enjoy flamenco shows.

  • The Cathedral of Granada is unique in the world, it has two different towers: one built in the Renaissance style and the other in the Baroque style. In addition, inside is the Royal Chapel, where the Catholic Monarchs are buried.

These are just some of the curiosities that make Granada a unique and interesting city to visit. If you are thinking of visiting it, do not hesitate to stay at the Seda Club Hotel, located in the heart of the historic center and surrounded by history and culture. The Hotel Seda Club is an oasis of tranquility, a luxury hotel in the midst of the bustle of the city, located in the heart of the historic center of Granada. Each room is designed in a modern and elegant style, with all the necessary comforts for a relaxing stay. From the hotel’s rooftop terrace, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city while enjoying a cocktail or snack. In addition, the hotel has a spa, where you can relax and rejuvenate with a wide variety of treatments.

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