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Parque de las Ciencias Granada


The Science Park is the most visited museum in Andalusia and a benchmark in the popularization of science in Europe. Ideal for children and adults, its motto is "Forbidden not to touch". It consists of a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, which highlights its Butterfly House, the Planetarium and the Observation Tower, from which you can see the entire city of Granada. Its star space is the Biodome, which recreates the climate and habitats of the tropical strip of the Earth and houses more than 250 species of animals and plants: sharks, corals, jellyfish, crocodiles, otters, lemurs, toucans, sloths ....


Very fun and interesting museum that helps you better understand the world we live in: explore room, planetarium, Biodome, workshops and experiments.

Casa de los Tiros Granada


One of the most fascinating and least known museums in Granada. This 16th century palace houses an incredible collection that tells the history and identity of the city. Exploring its rooms will transport you through time, revealing the traditional architecture and ornate details that make it unique.


The museum's collection ranges from valuable works of art to historical documents, offering a complete overview of Granada's cultural, social and artistic evolution. Each room tells fascinating stories ranging from former residents to historical events that have left a mark on the city. In addition, the Renaissance garden of the Casa de los Tiros offers a tranquil space to relax and enjoy the beauty of the vegetation and ornamental fountains.


If you are looking for a different experience to immerse yourself in the history and heritage of Granada, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Casa de los Tiros. We are waiting for you with open arms in this unique museum, where you will discover the treasures that reveal the essence of this wonderful city.

Las Alpujarras Granada


The Sacromonte Museum invites you on a fascinating journey into the past in an enchanting setting. Here you can explore the authentic caves of the neighborhood, carefully recreated as they were 100 years ago. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Sacromonte as you discover the traditions, customs and flamenco art that characterize it.


Interactive exhibits and audiovisual testimonies will immerse you in the daily life of that time, giving you a deep insight into the richness and uniqueness of the place. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of Granada and the Darro River, which further enhance the experience.


If you are looking for an authentic and enriching experience to get to know Sacromonte in all its essence, the Sacromonte Museum is a must-see destination. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this place and discover how its history and culture have left an indelible mark on the history of Granada.

Museo de Bellas Artes Palacio de la Alhambra Granada


The Alhambra Museum is recognized as the best museum of Hispano-Muslim art in the world. In its galleries, it houses an impressive collection of 312 historical pieces from the Alhambra, Medina Zahara and other parts of Al-Andalus, spanning the 9th to 16th centuries. Explore this museum and marvel at the exquisite Islamic craftsmanship, architecture and calligraphy that represents the cultural richness of the era.


Each piece on display tells a fascinating story and reveals the splendor and legacy left by the Spanish-Muslim culture in Al-Andalus. From ceramics and textiles to architectural elements and manuscripts, the Alhambra Museum offers a complete overview of the artistic and cultural influence of that golden age.


Immerse yourself in the majesty of the Alhambra and discover the captivating beauty that has left its mark on the history of art. If you are passionate about history and art, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Alhambra Museum, where you can contemplate a unique collection that will transport you through time and allow you to appreciate the greatness of Al-Andalus.

Museos en Granada


The Garcia Lorca Museum is a house located in the Vega of Granada that used to be the summer home of the Garcia Lorca family. This place is of vital importance in the artistic creation of the renowned poet and is in an excellent state of preservation.


Delve into the life and work of Federico García Lorca through a visit to this house-museum. Explore the rooms where the poet spent his summer time, discovering the spaces that inspired his creativity and literary production. In addition, the museum exhibits an extensive collection of personal objects, photographs and manuscripts that provide an in-depth look at García Lorca's legacy.


Immerse yourself in the intimate world of one of the greatest poets of Spanish literature at the García Lorca Museum. This place offers you a unique experience to better understand the life and artistic impact of Federico García Lorca, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Granada and beyond.

Museo Arqueológico Granada


The Archaeological Museum is a fascinating space that is distributed on two floors. Located in a beautiful building, it has a nice courtyard from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Alhambra. Inside, you will find several rooms that exhibit different archaeological periods, providing a complete overview of the history of the region.


Explore the different rooms of the museum and immerse yourself in archaeological periods ranging from prehistoric to more recent times. Each room features a selection of artifacts and historical objects that illustrate the evolution of culture and civilization in the area.


In addition to its rich collection, the Archaeological Museum offers a cozy atmosphere and a charming courtyard where you can relax and enjoy panoramic views of the Alhambra. It is an ideal place for those interested in discovering archaeological treasures and immersing themselves in the history of Granada and its surroundings.

Museo de Bellas Artes Granada


The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the monumental setting of the Alhambra and houses an impressive collection of works by prominent Granada artists dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. This museum is a true artistic treasure that immerses you in the cultural and artistic richness of Granada.


Explore the various rooms of the museum and marvel at the masterpieces created by talented local artists. From paintings and sculptures to engravings and decorative arts, each piece on display reflects the artistic splendor of Granada during those centuries.


The Museum of Fine Arts offers a unique and special atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and artistry of Grenadian artists. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss this museum that will take you on a journey through Granada's artistic heritage.

Galería Toro Granada


Galería Toro is a space dedicated to contemporary art in the heart of Granada. Located in the emblematic Albaicín neighborhood, this gallery is known for exhibiting works by emerging and established artists, both local and international. The Toro Gallery offers a unique artistic experience, with exhibitions spanning various disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, photography and digital art. Here you can discover new artistic proposals and immerse yourself in Granada's vibrant cultural scene.


Seda Club Hotel is located in the historic center of Granada, in the Plaza de la Trinidad, a landscaped square dating from 1893 that develops around an elegant baroque fountain made of stone and marble. The square is a wonderful oasis of peace and tranquility just a step away from the city’s Cathedral. This exclusive location gives our guests the opportunity to enjoy Granada as a local, surrounded by history and, at the same time, experiencing the vibrant rhythm of a truly authentic city.


Each of our proposals is an experience that goes beyond a stay in Granada.

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